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Simthetiq would like to offer you the opportunity of experiencing the incredible functionality and realism of their 3D capabilities firsthand through the Try-Before-You-Buy program. Each model is full of standard OpenFlight and VBS2 features along with additional model-specific features developed to maximize fidelity and increase usability. Visit the Simthetiq eStore and find out why others are adopting Simthetiq’s visual solutions.


Standard VBS2 Features

• Realistic textures • Dynamic IR signature • Optimized shadow volumes
• Fully articulated • Lights • Ballistics and physics collision volume
• Optimized LODs • Real fuel capacity • Proper weight and mass distribution


Standard OpenFlight Features

• Realistic textures • Optimized LODs • Realistic thermal signature
• Fully articulated • Lights • DIS enumeration


Leopard C2A1 Mexas

VBS2 Features

• 4 Texture Schemes
• 3 Seating Positions
• Custom Optics
• Realistic Targeting & Firepower

OpenFlight Features

• 4 Texture Schemes
• 3 Damage States (mobility kill,
  firepower kill, catastrophic kill)




CH-149 Cormorant


Eurofighter Typhoon


Fully Articulated Parts
Accurate Thermal Maps
• Includes DIS Enumeration
• 1 Damage State
Multiple Levels of Detail
• 1 Year Evaluation Period


• OpenFlight
• 3ds Max



Afghan Civilian Character


• Male Character
• Multiple Levels of Detail
• Accurate IR Signature Maps
• 1 Year Evaluation Period


• VBS2 (coming soon)
• OpenFlight (coming soon)
• 3ds Max (coming soon)



Coming Soon!


Surobi, Kabul Province, Afghanistan


• 16 Square Km Area
• Accurate Thermal Maps
• Includes original 3D content:
textures, vegetation, digital
imagery, ground clusters
Destructible areasl
• 1 Year Evaluation Period


VBS2 (coming soon)
• OpenFlight (coming soon)


Coming Soon!


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