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3D Entity Models - DIS/HLA Compliant

Simthetiq simulation 3d entity models are mathematical representations of three-dimensional real-world objects for use in computer simulations, games, presentations and much more. Rendered on any modern computing platform, Simthetiq models produce some of the most vivid, valid and interactive digital renderings available on the market. Every model is developed following industry standards that ensure maximal fidelity, functionality, efficiency and compatibility in every product.


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Model Details

Level of Detail

Developed for high-end simulation and gaming platforms, Simthetiq’s 3D models support an optimal balance between texture resolution, level of detail (LOD), and triangle count, resulting in unsurpassed quality and performance. Every model is available with multiple levels of detail, making the higher-end perfect for simulations and games, and the lower-end ideal for mobile apps. Simthetiq ensures smooth transitions and preserves model recognition through key compnents between the various levels of detail while maintaining a 50% reduction in detail per LOD. No matter what the capabilities of the system or target platform, every 3D model has the option to be reconfigured and adjusted ensuring a customizable and cost-effective solution for your business. Explore all of Simthetiq’s model configuration options and find the ones that work for you.



Developed using accurate and detailed data, all of Simthetiq’s 3D models include a variety of paint schemes, accommodating any type of scenario, however, custom alternatives are available upon request. Simthetiq’s current next-gen texturing process, makes possible for the inclusion of enhanced reflectivity characteristics, thermal signatures, fine details and visual ques resulting in a 3D model of exceptional realism, high fidelity and superior performance. Options for high resolution textures provide enough visual detail to be able to differentiate subtle differences between similar models—such as in unique aircraft markings—and gives the ability to identify and read instrument panels.


Articulated Parts

Simthetiq has added out-of-the-box functionality, flexibility, and versatility by ensuring that every 3D model includes a wide range of articulated parts, such as wheels, weapons, and air surface controls, all of which depict accurate degrees of freedom. Furthermore, Simthetiq has configured all of its 3D models with proper DIS attributes and enumeration, restricted only by the select target platform. Additional pre-configured and sequenced complex animations can be included upon request.


3D interiors

All of Simthetiq’s windowed 3D models include a fully textured 3D interior. This implies that all major internal parts, such as steering wheels, control sticks and seating for instance, are modeled as true 3D objects. Depending on the general requirements, Simthetiq also offers the option for including intricately modelled interactive interiors and instruments, resulting in increased realism and a new level of experience for the user.



Striving for the most realistic experience possible, Simthetiq ensures the accuracy of it’s 3D models through extensive research and attention to detail. Developed by experienced staff using a number of current and credible resources, each model adheres to its real-world counterpart visually, technically, and even audibly.


Thermal Signatures

Simthetiq has developed a proprietary toolset, which simulates very precise heat signature data, resulting in extremely accurate heat diffusion. Each component consists of unique texture maps comprising of both hot and cold states of the 3D object, allowing for the realistic depiction of an active and non-operating vehicle. These are also configured separately to include a variation in the thermal signatures, adding to the realism of the 3D model.



Adding to the realism and enhancing the experience, Simthetiq’s 3D models support a variety of damage states which include mobility kill, firepower kill, and catastrophic kill. These states not only comprise of the usual darkened textures to simulate damage, but actually include a complete remodeling of key sections of the 3D model resulting in a very accurate damage depiction. Additional damage states can be added upon request.


Configuration Options

Available for every 3D model, Simthetiq has added a bundle of configuration options, including sound and weapon effects, complex animations, advanced shaders, custom texture schemes and interactive interiors to name a few. This affirms a quality product of the highest standards that meets any functional or technical requirement, enhancing the user’s simulation or game experience in an efficient and cost effective manner. See below for details.



Understanding the need for flexibility, Simthetiq facilitates the integration of its vast library of 3D models across a wide range of platforms. These extend well beyond gaming and training applications, including a variety of commercial off-the-shelf software and even free, web-based services such as Google Earth. Simthetiq offers fully-functional and pre-configured plug-and-play models that can be used in a variety of simulation and game based run-time engines. Visit the compatibility section to view a list of all currently supported platforms or to find out about additional custom development and integration services.


Price & Licensing

Take advantage of Simthetiq’s quality 3D models at unbeatable prices. A base price had been set for every 3D model in Simthetiq’s vast library but will vary depending on a variety of available configuration and licensing options. All of which are uniquely tailored for easy integration into any system or platform. As a cost-effective solution, Simthetiq offers a loyalty discount program on all bulk purchases which are based on the purchase of a minimum of ten (10) new 3D content model licenses on a single order.




Enhance your audio experience by adding custom or pre-configured sound effects to each respective model.


Attached Parts

Upgrade your 3D model with an array of additional equipment and armaments which vary from one model to the next.


Advanced Shaders

Extend the level of realism that goes beyond basic pixel shading through the use of specular lighting, normal maps and parallax occlusion maps to name a few.


Interactive Interior

Add a new level of functionality through the use of highly detailed and fully interactive 3D consoles for added realism.


Weapon Effects

Enhance your visual experience by adding unique and realistic weapon effects to each 3D model respectively and exclusively for those equipped with armaments.


Complex Animation

Supporting a variety of uniquely articulated parts, enhance your 3D model and save time with pre-configured sequenced animations.


Texture Schemes

Upgrade your 3D models and add some variation with distinct colors or request custom visual alternatives to accommodate a wider range of scenarios.


Custom Resolution

Based on the system configuration or target platform, adjustments to the level of detail, triangle count and texture resolution can be generated upon request.




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