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Geo-Specific Airfields

Available for integration into any platform compatible with the OpenFlight format, Simthetiq’s airfields offer a variety of important features that allow for proper procedural training—for day and night—in approach, taxiing, take-off, and air traffic control to name a few. Each airfield is developed using the latest FAA airport diagrams and accurate elevation data, including airfield specific signs, navigational aids, markings and approach lights. Simthetiq also incorporates all major buildings such as terminals, hangars and most importantly, control towers, ensuring an accurate and effective immersive experience.


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Simthetiq acquires the most recent and official airfield diagrams from the FAA and other aviation safety agencies, ensuring accurate and airport specific configurations. By using these latest diagrams in combination with properly orthorectified satellite imagery to vectorize entire airfield surfaces, Simthetiq ensures a complete correlation within the virtual environment. Optional surface details—such as skid marks—can be added to enhance the visual experience.

These surfaces include but are not limited to:

• Taxiway • Contaminants
• Runway • Skid marks
• Apron • Ramp Area



Simthetiq provides accuracy in its treatment of airport specific lighting systems, uniquely configured and accurate for each airfield in its database, all conforming to strict FAA standards. Simthetiq achieves an added level of realism for both day and night scenes through the use of light maps and texture baking.

These lighting systems include but are not limited to:

• Taxiway Edge lights • Runway End Identifier Lights
• Runway Edge Lights • Visual Approach Slope Indicator
• Obstruction Lights • Runway Centerline Lighting System
• Approach Light systems • Precision Approach Path Indicator
• Touchdown Zone Lights


3D Infrastructures

To achieve a truly immersive environment, Simthetiq presents the option of including geo-specific 3D infrastructures within the airfield boundaries. These are accurately generated and range from key buildings and communication structures to a wide variety of ground assets.

These infrastructures include but are not limited to:

• Control Towers • Terminals
• Hangars • Buildings
• Radars • Antennas
• Windsocks • Air & Ground Vehicles


Navigational Aids

An airfield would not be complete without proper navigational aids. Simthetiq includes a variety of accurately placed and airport specific, markings and signs, resulting in an enhanced virtual learning and training environment for all current and future generation pilots.

These aids include but are not limited to:

• Runway Markings • Taxiway Markings
• Destination Signs • Location Signs
• Direction Signs • Mandatory Instruction Signs
• Information Signs • Runway Distance Remaining Signs


Airfield Locations

Explore the exact location of each airfield using Google Maps by clicking the image on the right.




Based on specific requirements, options are available for enhancing the realism of the airfields through the addition of accurate and geo-specific, high resolution satellite imagery.



Understanding that the needs of one customer may not necessarily reflect those of another, Simthetiq offers its expertise and customization services in the enhancement of any airfield. However, customers who want full control of their airfield database have the option of making their own modifications by obtaining the Presagis Terra Vista project.




*Image featured at top of page: Vermont Airfield
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