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Simthetiq makes any content interactive within Unity (anywhere).

Today’s Simulation and Training users require a growing number of services to be made available on a multitude of platforms and devices. This greater mobility allows for true distributed learning. Whether working on solutions for a full-service simulator, a desktop trainer or a mobile device, innovative thinking is required to fully exploit the power of your engine. The unique toolsets and capabilities that Unity brings to the table allow Simthetiq to deliver powerful services with speed, reliability and attention to detail to produce some of the most vivid interactive content and applications.

Developed by Unity Technologies, Unity is a powerful rendering engine and toolset, ideal for the creation of cross-platform, web-based and mobile interactive 3D applications.


Simthetiq offers a broad range of services and levels of support to Unity content for the development of applications such as: computer-based training (e.g. virtual task training or virtual maintenance training), distributed learning, 3d data visualization, interactive multimedia instruction, and more.

Unity Requirements Assessment

Assisting in the development and definition of a Unity requirements assessment and integration plan, Simthetiq adapts and converts 3D content to fit your specific Unity requirements.

Application Development

Based on requirements, Simthetiq can develop tailored user interfaces and functionalities to create personalised interactive applications.

3D Content Development & Integration

Creation of custom, on-demand models and 3D environments as plug and play content for Unity.

Scenario & Mission Production

Federating all our key Unity services and combining them with our unique know-how, Simthetiq can develop and engineer in-game scenarios and missions.


An example of one of the new tools that Simthetiq has created is an interactive, embedded viewer that allows you to preview the DIS enumeration on Simthetiq Library models. What is more, you can also test and preview the different capabilities and features such as:

• Articulated Parts • Multiple Levels of Detail • Accurate Thermal Signature
• Various Paint Schemes • Dust & Smoke Emitters • Light Switches


The Unity Web Player is required. Download HERE.


If you’d like to try the DIS viewer for iOS, or Android mobile devices or talk to us about how we can help with your Unity requirements, contact us at


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