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Simthetiq lets your content play nicely with VBS2™.

Cross-platform collaborative simulations present a significant technical challenge. Content may differ or disassociate between platforms, while communications may fail in critical moments. Competing, proprietary systems all offer distinct advantages —but they don’t always “play nice” with VBS2™.

VBS2™ is a fully interactive, three-dimensional serious gaming and training system used by military organisations worldwide—including the US Army, USMC, ADF and UK MoD. Also popular with homeland defense, loadmasters, and first responders, VBS2 is a fixture in today’s simulation market. It is not, however, the only high-performance platform.

As for operations, modern simulations call for cooperation between allies. When your content or system has to work seamlessly with VBS2™, Simthetiq’s integration services deliver cross-platform performance, communication and collaboration.

Vehicle Creation and Integration

Whether from a COTS library or a custom model, Simthetiq integrates any vehicle in VBS2 and ensures it is fully-functioning and ready to deploy in your training scenario.

Terrain Generation

Using a vast array of COTS and custom tools, Simthetiq can generate rich and accurate geo-specific or geo-typical terrains of almost any type.

Character Creation and Integration

Simthetiq brings 3D models to life by developing and integrating high quality modeling and skinning, combined with natural textures.

Animation Creation and Integration

By integrating lifelike character animation into VBS2, Simthetiq can improve the realism and feel of your simulations.

Custom Script Development

Using the VBS2 scripting API, Simthetiq can enhance the behaviour of your game going beyond current software limitations.

Asset Creation and Integration

Simthetiq can create custom 3D assets like geo-specific buildings and vegetation to make your training environments and scenarios more immersive.

Scenario & Mission Production

Federating of all our key VBS2 services, Simthetiq can develop and engineer scenarios or missions using COTS or custom content.


Vehicle Creation and Integration

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