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Training Vignettes


Vignette development: enhanced training for improved learning.

The use of constructive simulation to generate realistic training scenarios and augment learning effectiveness is a key tool used by military and civilian organisations worldwide.

Providing our technical expertise and production capabilities to storyboard, animate, and produce animated e-learning video segments, Simthetiq is able to accurately describe concepts of operation and the resulting operational impact of their implementation in real life scenarios.

Using a vast library of animation-ready and highly realistic 3d models and virtual environments, Simthetiq brings the following benefits to virtual training that allow you to:

  • Rapidly develop and test new or complex concepts of operation for quicker implementation in the field;
  • Easily configure and conduct repetitive testing;
  • Train and experiment with larger trainee groups at one time;
  • Experiment with technologies in development to test how they would behave in real-world situations;
  • Reduce costs and risks associated with use of real life assets/personnel in training;
  • Inject greater interactivity into current training programs; and
  • Extend reach of training by publishing e-learning videos to mobile and web platforms.


  • Accurate task analysis during the design phase that matches with training objectives and creates an effective tactical cue for training participants;
  • Work with customers to define realistic and accurate storyboards and scenarios;
  • Generate clear and precise scenarios using a range of cutting edge animation and simulation software programmes allowing for the creation of complex, multi-agent collaborative scenarios;
  • Output to video in a wide range of formats, both hi and low res to allow for deployment on mobile platforms or to ensure consistent quality within restricted bandwidth networks;
  • Stitching of live video into training vignettes to provide precise operational feedback to reinforce a training lesson;
  • Access to a vast library of military and civilian 3d model assets with a large range of animation configurations;
  • Realistic immersive terrains for scenes that can be configured to a specific runtime and tailored to your specific training needs;
  • Creation of clear and easy to navigate virtual training material providing clear information on training modules included in training package to allow individual training away from classroom environment; and
  • Rapid production of still imagery to aid concept development or reinforce training in a classroom environment.



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