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Virtual Environments

Simthetiq environments are mathematical representations of real-world topography and features, both natural and man-made, for use in computer simulations, games, presentations and more. Rendered on any modern computing platform, Simthetiq environments produce terrains of outstanding integrity and verisimilitude for the most compelling visualisations. Every Simthetiq environment is built following industry standards that ensure a product of exceptional fidelity, functionality and computational efficiency.


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Environment Details
Configuration Options







Level of Detail

Simthetiq’s virtual terrains support multiple levels of detail utilizing nested quadtree LOD structures making them versatile for aerial and ground level simulations. Optimization of the GIS vector data, object grouping and terrain block size, can be customized for your specific target application and hardware requirements.




Simthetiq employs the highest standard when selecting and acquiring satellite imagery in order to achieve the most accurate and geo-specific virtual terrain as well as offering adjustable texture quality to accommodate any system configuration or performance limitation. To further achieve a superior resolution at ground level, layered textures are tiled over top the preexisting satellite imagery. This allows for enhanced surface detail and adds complex variations to the environment.


Buildings & Assets

Through the use of various tileable and specific geo-typical textures in every building and assets, allows Simthetiq to achieve higher resolution and increase efficiency in larger virtual terrains. Further use of layered textures enables a seamless blend while adding increased detail and variation to the environment. For added realism, Simthetiq also offers light maps to accommodate night scenes and shadow maps to depict accurate ambient lighting.


Articulated Parts

Certain synthetic environments include a variety of pre-configured, articulated parts such as radars and antennas, thus enhancing the experience of the user. Simthetiq also offers the possibility of extending the level of interaction based on your requirements.


Cultural Features

Aiming to develop the most adaptable and versatile synthetic environments, Simthetiq includes a wide range of accurate geo-typical and geo-specific cultural features. For added accuracy, fidelity and enhanced training purposes, Simthetiq has researched and incorporated key cultural features, including civil service buildings, unique to their native environments.


GIS Data

Understanding the need for precision, Simthetiq utilizes its top resources in acquiring accurate GIS data which is used to generate a base layout for each virtual terrains. As a further enhancement to the GIS data, Simthetiq also employs satellite imagery to extract the specific geo-location of various features such as roads, building, forests and treelines, to name a few. Contact a Simthetiq representative for more details.


Configuration Options

Available for all virtual terrains, Simthetiq has included a bundle of configuration options, including correlated output, advanced shaders, enhancements to the elevation data, and destructible areas to name a few. This affirms a quality product of the highest standards that meets any system or platform requirements, enhancing the user’s simulation experience in an efficient and cost effective manner.



Understanding the need for flexibility, Simthetiq facilitates the integration of any of its synthetic environments across a wide range of platforms. These extend well beyond common training applications to also include specialized platforms for e-learning, telepresence and virtual prototyping to name a few. Visit the compatibility section to view a list of all currently supported platforms or to find out about additional custom development and integration services.


Price & Licensing

A base price has been set for every synthetic environment. However, these prices will vary depending on a variety of available configuration and licensing options. All of which are uniquely tailored for easy integration into any system or platform.


Airfield Surfaces

Simthetiq acquires the most recent and official airfield diagrams from the FAA and other aviation safety agencies, ensuring accurate and airport specific configurations. By using these latest diagrams in combination with properly orthorectified satellite imagery to vectorize entire airfield surfaces, Simthetiq ensures a complete correlation within the virtual environment. Optional surface details—such as skid marks—can be added to enhance the visual experience. Visit the airfield section to find out more.


Airfield Lighting

Simthetiq ensures accuracy in its treatment of airport specific lighting systems, uniquely configured and accurate for each airfield in its database, all conforming to strict FAA standards. Simthetiq achieves an added level of realism for both day and night scenes through the use of light maps and texture baking. For more detail on lighting, visit the airfield section.


Airfield 3D Infrastructures

To achieve a truly immersive environment, Simthetiq presents the option of including geo-specific 3D infrastructures within the airfield boundaries. These are accurately generated and range from key buildings and communication structures to a wide variety of ground assets. Visit the airfield section for more detail.


Airfield Navigational Aids

An airfield would not be complete without proper navigational aids. Simthetiq includes a variety of accurately placed and airport specific, markings and signs, resulting in an enhanced virtual learning and training environment for all current and future generation pilots. Explore the airfield section for details on navigational aids.



Elevation Data

Enhance the accuracy of your terrain through the addition of highly detailed and precise topographic maps and survey points.


Heighten your training capabilities and intensify the realism of your experience by integrating destructible zones and objects to suit your requirements.

3D Interiors

Add a new level of functionality with Semi-Automated Force (SAF) capable 3D interiors, outputted to a variety of correlated formats.

Correlated Output

Simthetiq offers the possibility of conversion to a variety of popular formats such as OneSAF, Common Database Format (CDB), Openflight and VBS2 to name a few.


Ensure better performance for your target platform by adjusting the resolution and number of tiles. Increase realism by using accurate satellite imagery or reduce your cost with geo-typical texture terrain coverage.

Advanced Shaders

Extend the level of realism going beyond vertex shading through the use of per pixel shading which includes specular, parallax and occlusion maps to name a few.


Broaden the possibilities by adding features and expanding the terrain. Affordable expansion pack will be offered in response to common demands and requirements.



*Image featured at top of page: Surobi in VBS2
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